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Subscription Busing to HHS

Subscription Bus Service

Dear Parent/Guardian,


According to state law, the Maywood Board of Education must provide transportation to all students who reside at a location remote from school. "Remote from school" is defined by NJAC 6A: 27-1.2 as greater than two miles for grades K-8 and greater than two and one half miles for grades 9-12. Mileage is determined by taking the "shortest route along public roadways or public walkways from the entrance of the student's residence nearest such public roadway or public walkway to the nearest public entrance of the school that the student attends." The Maywood Board of Education's definition of remote is more lenient;  the policy provides busing for all students residing over 2.0 miles from the school. 


The majority of Maywood students attending Hackensack High School do not meet the mileage requirement and therefore do not receive transportation.  Many parents have expressed concerns and appealed to the Board to provide an option for student transportation. The Board has seriously considered all available options and has decided to offer Subscription Busing for its students attending Hackensack High School who do not qualify for district transportation.


As promised, following a review of the head count and corresponding seat count for the first month of the school year, we now have 20 seats available for subscription busing. The cost of the program for the 2019-2020 school year will be $375.00.  This service will start on or around October 21, 2019.


There will be 4 pickup/drop-off spots for the bus:


Maywood Avenue School

East Fairmount and Jersey Avenue

East Fairmount and Coles

Coles and Spring Valley


Subscription busing students are only permitted to take bus #2.


This is an annual commitment and no refunds will be given for students who only use the bus for a partial year.  There is no “late bus”; transportation is only available immediately after regular dismissal time.


Registration will be available on Thursday, October 10 at 9:00 am on the Webstore on the Maywood District’s website.  The link for registration is:


If you have used Revtrak for any students in your family in the past, your account is still valid.


If you require help, please call 201-845-9110 ext. 1124 and ask for Ms. Jen Pfohl. 




Michael Jordan


Jennifer Pfohl

Business Administrator