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NJQSAC - High Performing Status for Maywood Schools

As noted in prior communications, this past spring the District underwent the state mandated NJQSAC monitoring process. Every three years Districts in New Jersey must take part in a comprehensive review of five areas of focus.  The five areas are Instruction/Program, Governance, Operations, Finance & Personnel.  The process begins with the formulation of a District QSAC Review Committee which is charged with comprehensively completing a District Self-Assessment.  This self-assessment is submitted to the NJDOE in advance of the scheduled on site visit, which in Maywood took place on March 8, 2019.  Prior to the onsite visit Maywood was also responsible for providing digital versions of various items that fall within the criteria set forth in each of the aforementioned five categories of review.  Each of the five categories has performance indicators that the district must prove they abide by on a consistent basis.  Upon completion of the visit, the NJDOE representatives then review their findings and issue a report thereafter.  Districts must attain an 80% pass rate in each of the five aforementioned categories.  Failure to do so results in the issuance of corrective action plans to remediate issues related to a score below 80%.  Once the district receives the final report, it must officially notify the public, place on its website and approve the findings at the next schedule BOE meeting.

I am proud to report that Maywood is in receipt of the final report and has been deemed a “High Performing District” by the NJDOE. The results that the monitors calculated matched exactly with the self-assessment scores that Maywood submitted in advance of the evaluation.  As I always say, we are very proud of our district and results such as these simply confirm our beliefs.  If not for the consistent support of the community, parents, educators, administration, staff and of course our students, such excellence would not be attainable.