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High School Referendum Info

Many thanks to everyone who attended last night's meeting.  We realize that many who wanted to attend could not due to various summer conflicts.  We felt that the timing was not optimum but that we needed to host this meeting now because the news is so time related.

A common them among the audience members last night was that of communication or a lack thereof.  The audience and the BOE expressed displeasure in the fact that Maywood parents and community members were not involved in any of the planning discussions or asked for any input during the planning.  Many other topics including the tuition rate, contract, structure of the new building and other topics were also discussed.

In line with the communication issue, Hackensack sent the following items to us and I indicated that I would share with our community.  As noted in a prior e-mail we will keep everyone informed as the feasibility study continues to play out.

As always we thank you for your continued support.

Michael Jordan