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     Mr. Bauer

    Dear Parent, Guardian, or Friend,

    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to our school's website. Hopefully, your online tour will be both informative and enjoyable. The staff and students at Memorial School are involved in activities that encourage pupil development and social interaction in line with our academic curriculum needs.

    This is indeed a facility that has undergone many changes and continues to encourage community pride. Many faculty members, parents, and especially students, refer to it as home. Today, all of us together, along with the Borough of Maywood and our Board of Education, enjoy being an important member of the community.

    On behalf of everyone here at Memorial School, I welcome you. The staff and I will provide assistance in making this a rewarding and enjoyable educational experience for everyone.

    In addition, parents and guardians are always welcome to observe classes throughout the school year. I will be happy to arrange such a visit.

    Please contact me by telephoning 1-201-845-9113 if I may be of any assistance.



    Ray Bauer


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