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    Welcome to 7th Grade!

    All communications (homework, announcents, etc.)will be posted on Google Classroom.



    Codes for Mrs. Ballerini’s 7th Grade Classes

    ****Please don't add classes until September 10th in case of schedule changes.


    Homeroom- 8:20-8:30am     Google Meet-

          Google Classroom - wudi3xc 


    Language Arts Core 1

    8:30-9:10am     Google Meet-

     Google Classroom- bnehumf

    Language Arts Core 2

    9:10-9:50am     Google Meet-

     Google Classroom- q7xeaul

    Language Arts Core 3

    10:30-11:10am     Google Meet-

     Google Classroom-3fkgdlg

    Language Arts Core 4

    11:10- 11:50am     Google Meet-

        Google Classroom- lbahofc

    Language Arts Core 5

    11:50am - 12:30pm     Google Meet-

        Google Classroom- ovycghh