MAS Health Office

Welcome to the MAS Health Office!  Anne Lalumia, RN,CSN is looking forward to helping care for your child while in school.  This website will inform you of some procedures that are to be followed in helping to safeguard your child's health in accordance with district policy and NJ state law.  Screenings are conducted annually (height, weight, B/P), vision in 4th, 6th and 8th grades and Hearing in 7th grade.  Scoliosis screening is done in 5th & 7th grades as required by state law.

Medications may only be administered in school by the nurse or parent.  Written permission from a child's physician is required for any medication to be administered in school (including ANY over the counter medications- Tylenol, Motrin, topical creams, etc.).

Asthma and Allergy meds require special documentation.  Please ask the school nurse for the appropriate forms which also can now be downloaded online on this site.

For 6th,7th and 8th graders who participate in sports, annual sports physicals are required by the state. They MUST be on the NJ sports physical form along with the Questionnaire.  Annually each athlete must sign the Concussion Form, Cardiac Sudden Death Form and Opioid Fact Sheet. Review by the school physician prior to participation is another state requirement.  Please pay careful attention to all deadlines in order to avoid any delays with your child's sports clearance.  Contact Mrs. Lalumia with any questions.

Please keep me updated with any illness or immunizations your child may receive.  I welcome your input as partners in your child's health and education!