• Homework is critical and is a major part of a students learning experience. It helps reinforce students with content and skills that was learned in class that day. It also, on many occasions, serves as a lead in or base work for the next day lessons. If students miss homework they will consistentally fall behind in their work and not reach their full potential!!!! please find my policy for homework below.




    Homework – homework will be given almost every night. All your homework will equal one test grade. You lose 10 points for every homework assignment missed. I will have my homework posted on my website along with handouts and other information. BUT IF IT IS NOT POSTED OR THE INTERNET IS DOWN THIS IS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT COMPLETING AN ASSIGNMENT YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT THE HOMEWORK IS BEFORE YOU LEAVE MY CLASS!!!


     To get homework: click on     /webpages/jbonelli/

    Click on HOMEWORK icon on the left hand side.


    To make sure homework is completed thoroughly and with full effort, on occasion, un- announced, I would collect a homework assignment and grade it. This will count as one test grade this will probably happen only a couple of times a marking period.