Journey's Reading, Spelling, and FUNdations

    • Hittin the Books


      Journeys Student book:  click the link below-labeled student book to read and review our weekly stories.

      Student Book


      Journeys 2014 2nd Grade scope and sequence: click on colored links below.

      Focus Wall for the year


      Reader's Workshop: Reading at your child's level learning new reading skills.


      Writer's Workshop: In a writers' workshop, the focus is on the writer. ... Teachers focus on the person crafting the text—helping writers choose topics, purposes, and audiences for their writing and offering suggestions to guide the writer's decision-making process.


      Interactive notebook letter to parents and rubric

      Interactive notebook - Will be used for grammar and phonics


      Fundations Level 2 curriculum map for the year & Word of the day list and Home School Connection:  click on colored links below

      Fundations Level 2

      Word of the day list by Unit

      Level 2 Home School Connection