Maywood Transportation Code of Conduct & Contact Form

    Mandatory in order to receive a bus pass to:

    Becton, Applied Tech, Bergen Academies at Hackensack, Bergen Tech at Teterboro, Interactive Design at Northern Valley




    The Maywood Board of Education provides transportation services for eligible students both to and from school. These services are provided in order to help students arrive at school and depart from school in a safe and orderly manner.  We need your assistance in reminding your child of the importance of proper conduct on our school buses, and adherence to the code of conduct found below.  Narrowed down to common sense terms, students are to behave within classroom conduct standards, not damage the bus or equipment, stay in their seat buckled, keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus, and relax.  These rules are not recommendations or suggestions. The issue of safety requires students to be on their best behavior while on school buses or vehicles. The administrative teams of the Maywood Public Schools and the schools we transport to require all students to adhere to these rules and standards. 


    The form below also includes requests for contact information.  The District wants to specifically communicate with both parents and students via email and text when needed in emergencies such as bus delays and weather, as well as when schedules change due to testing, etc.  Please complete the form below thoroughly.  Students will only be assigned to a bus for September if and when the form below is completed.  Those who complete the form below will be assigned to a bus and receive info regarding their bus pass during the week of August 21st. 


    Please complete this form by no later than August 16th.

    Digital Form


    Thank you for your attention and cooperation.



    Michael Jordan

    Superintendent of Schools



    Students should arrive at the stop 5 to 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time and stand off the roadway in a safe location where they are outdoors and visible to the driver. Students should remain at the stop up to 30 minutes after the scheduled pick up time in case the bus is running late.


    Students may only take the bus they are assigned to; No Exceptions.  Unauthorized individuals including, but not limited to: parents, other students not assigned to the bus, and siblings may not board a school bus or attempt to conference with a bus driver or authorized rider, while en route to or from school. Individuals who do not adhere to this expectation may face criminal prosecution for trespassing, in addition to other charges which may be brought pursuant to local and State law.


    Riding a bus is a privilege, not a right. Any student involved in any inappropriate behavior on a school bus will be suspended from the bus immediately by the principal and/or his designee.  Depending on the severity/frequency of the behavior, the principal or their designee may take additional action including, but not limited to, extended suspension from school/bus and/or expulsion from the bus following a Due Process Hearing.


    If a student commits minor infractions, the school bus driver has the authority to address their behavior. If a student causes repeated problems on the bus by doing something the bus driver considers a more serious rule violation, the bus driver will report the student to the school office. The bus driver will give the school a written referral about what the student did.


    Parents/guardians will ensure their students only ride their assigned bus and use only their assigned bus stop. Parents/guardians will ensure their students follow the district's adopted code of conduct on the bus and at school bus stops and will provide necessary supervision.

    • Students are to understand that the bus driver is in complete charge of the bus and that the driver is under orders to report all acts of misconduct to the Principal of the student’s school. Students will obey all directions given by the bus driver.
    • Students must wear seat belts and remain seated in their seats at all times. No exceptions.
    • Students are prohibited from smoking/vaping on the bus.
    • Students must refrain from making excessive noise. Normal conversation is permissible.
    • Students will not throw anything from the windows of the bus nor anything on the floor of the bus.
    • No students will ever put their arms or head out of the bus windows whether the bus is moving or parked.
    • It is of utmost importance that students must respect private property while waiting for the bus. Consequences will be administered for failure to observe this rule of conduct.
    • Aisles of the bus are to be kept free of all items.
    • No glass containers or large objects are permitted on the bus.
    • Students are prohibited from eating or drinking on the bus.
    • No student is to touch the emergency door unless an emergency arises.
    • Good conduct is expected while boarding the bus, while on the bus, when leaving the bus, and while walking home.
    • If students must cross in front of the bus, wait for direction to do so from the driver. Walk approximately ten (10) feet in front of the bus and do not fool around.
    • Be on time when getting on the bus. Keep off the road and private property while waiting. When you get inside the bus, go directly to your seat.
    • When getting off the bus - stay seated until the bus stops and the driver gives you the signal to get off.
    • After getting off the bus, move away from the bus so that the driver can continue on his way.


    *The District uses videotaping systems on all vehicles to monitor student activity.